How to calculate %Planned #Project #Project Online


One of my customers recently wanted to calculated %Planned for each task (and therefore each project).  They had done a little research on the net but the formula they found didn’t work in Project Online, only MS Project. 

So what is %Planned?

In it’s simplest form, %Planned = duration to date / duration . . . → Read More: How to calculate %Planned #Project #Project Online


Hiding Unwanted EPTs in #ProjectOnline & #ProjectServer


Some of the clients I work with are really big, and some are really small.  The smaller ones tend to want things that are really simple and I wanted a quick way to ensure that they can only select a single EPT in order to create projects (who really uses SharePoint Task List projects . . . → Read More: Hiding Unwanted EPTs in #ProjectOnline & #ProjectServer


Gantt Charts in Power BI part II #ProjectOnline #PowerBI #GanttChart


It came to my attention recently that my previous post on Gantt Charts in Power BI needed slight modification in order to display the correct length of the Gantt bar.  In the post I used the ProjectDuration to display the duration on the Gantt bar, however this is held in “working hours” and not . . . → Read More: Gantt Charts in Power BI part II #ProjectOnline #PowerBI #GanttChart


Editing Enterprise Calendars #ProjectOnline #ProjectClient #MicrosoftProject



Over the months and years I’ve seen a tonne of issues regarding the ability, or inability to edit Enterprise Calendars.  I started a blog about this a while ago which provides some troubleshooting issues.  This blog is an update to that and I’ll try and keep it updated as I find out . . . → Read More: Editing Enterprise Calendars #ProjectOnline #ProjectClient #MicrosoftProject


Gantt Charts in Power BI

Over the last year or so Power BI has made a real charge to become THE reporting tool for many applications, including of course Project Online.  There are lots of great things about Power BI (and some not so great too!), including the very quick release cycle (dare I use the word agile!).  Whereas Excel . . . → Read More: Gantt Charts in Power BI


Viewing Timephased data in Visual Reports #MSProject #Excel


I recently ran an MPUG session integrating Project with Excel.  Part of the presentation was using the Visual Reports feature and exporting the data to Excel, and I had one of those questions which caught me out (though it shouldn’t have, I’d just had a long day!).  So this post answers the question that . . . → Read More: Viewing Timephased data in Visual Reports #MSProject #Excel


Planner is live! #Planner #Office365


Typically I don’t blog about service packs, feature packs, CUs, PUs and anything else release related, however, this time I’m making an exception because Microsoft have now officially released Microsoft Planner!  Planner can be used to create plans, and organise and collaborate on tasks, and assign them to users.  It’s a fantastic task management . . . → Read More: Planner is live! #Planner #Office365


SPC Adriatics 2016 #ProjectOnline #Workflow

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I’m delighted to be have presented at the SPC Adriatics 2016 on a couple of topics regarding Project Online, and decided to record the sessions so I could share them to a wider audience.   Alas I only remembered to record part way through the 2nd session, but it’s sufficient.  Also, apologies for . . . → Read More: SPC Adriatics 2016 #ProjectOnline #Workflow


Issues with Multiple Project Server Accounts in #MSProject with #ProjectOnline

Updated – 1st June 2016

One of the other things I did in MS Project was remove any disconnected services from MS Project… which left me with only connected services (see image below)

Also, Microsoft have rolled out fixes in Project Online and the updates for MS Project – so with this blog and the . . . → Read More: Issues with Multiple Project Server Accounts in #MSProject with #ProjectOnline


Securing Enterprise Custom fields on Project Detail Pages in #ProjectOnline #Project #PPM #PS2013 #Office365

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One of the main configuration items with respect to Project Server / Project Online is the creation of project level Enterprise Custom fields and their layout on separate Project Detail Pages.  Assuming that you are not using workflow* then by default anyone with read access to the project can see all of the . . . → Read More: Securing Enterprise Custom fields on Project Detail Pages in #ProjectOnline #Project #PPM #PS2013 #Office365