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Just a quick plug for an article I recently wrote for the TechNet UK blog – it’s an expansion on a previous blog and works as an introduction to PowerBI with Project Online and is available here…


Whilst I’m at it, other noteworthy resources for . . . → Read More: #PowerBI on the TechNet UK blog


#PowerBI with #ProjectOnline #Office365 #PPM to view Resource Work by day

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Recently I’ve been working with a customer on getting a simple way of displaying resource information.  In truth I started with manipulating data in Excel using VBA, but quickly realised that there was a better way to do this using PowerBI.

The end result (or rather the 1st iteration) is a report which . . . → Read More: #PowerBI with #ProjectOnline #Office365 #PPM to view Resource Work by day


Project 2016 (change 1) – Online status next to name

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In this series of blogs, I’m going to try list the differences between Project 2013 and Project 2016 – I’ll be comparing the Professional versions so if you’ve got the standard version then not every change will impact you.  Also, I’m not going to be concerned with UI changes (unless they are significant), . . . → Read More: Project 2016 (change 1) – Online status next to name


I can’t delete a project – but I’m THE project manager!


It’s a bit of a mundane topic this one, but like all of my topics, it’s soooo real world!

I have a customer (okay, so I’ve got lots, not just the one!) and this particular customer is only using Project Online, and not Project Pro for O365/Project 2013 Professional.  For those of you familiar . . . → Read More: I can’t delete a project – but I’m THE project manager!


Nested IFs and Risks Lists

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When it comes to Risks and Issues, I find that many of my customers wish to transfer their existing Risks and Issues Matrix, often held in Excel , directly into the pre-existing SharePoint lists on the project site.  Excel is an excellent tool, managing risks is complex, and so consequently the spreadsheet . . . → Read More: Nested IFs and Risks Lists


The Project Virtual Conference

The Project MVP community is hosting the 1st ever Project Virtual Conference.  Running for 24 hours on the 22nd October, it encompasses the truly global nature of the MS Project Community, with speakers from the US, UK, Australia, Russia and many points in between.  We’re not just focusing on Project, but Project Server and Project . . . → Read More: The Project Virtual Conference


Save Site as Template – No longer an option!


Modifying an existing project site, saving it as a template and then associating that template to an EPT is something that I’ve been doing for many years in one form or another with Project Server systems (prior to 2010 there wasn’t an EPT construct, but the ideas were the same).  When it comes to . . . → Read More: Save Site as Template – No longer an option!


Earned Value Shenanigans

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I’m currently helping manage a multiyear schedule and the client wishes to plot Planned Value vs Earned Value charts each month as a way of tracking “progress”.  This is a typical scenario in engineering projects, and is even mandatory . . . → Read More: Earned Value Shenanigans


Overriding Dependencies


I came across an issue the other day whilst dabbling in a demo project update.  The issue was that I couldn’t set the actual start date on a successor task that was before the predecessors finish date; effectively the dependency was overriding the ability to reschedule the task.  Entering the Actual Start date for . . . → Read More: Overriding Dependencies


Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Project Online / Project Server

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I was thinking about the top 5 Reasons why my customers, over many years, have deployed Project Server.  Just as every organisation needs standardised ways to perform HR, Payroll etc, they all need (but not necessarily desire) a . . . → Read More: Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Project Online / Project Server