Contracting & Consulting

Ben has traditionally worked on site to provide EPM solutions to customers, meeting a set of defined business criteria and over the years has been involved in many Project and Project Server implementations, and as such has witnessed and resolved 1st hand many technical and process challenges.  These have ranged from migrating SQL databases to newer versions; demystifying Project Server permissions; configuring and resolving reporting issues; end user buy-in; etc; etc. 

For a typical (and in truth there is no such thing!) EPM implementation solving these problems includes workshops, a proof of concept followed by pilot and live deployment, process documentation, training, best practise guidance, hand holding and a series of support days for the inevitable questions.  Ultimately the aim of any consultancy service is to provide a rapid acceleration of skills and deployment of Project Server within an organisation.

Ben is also available for contract work, and approaches this with the same enthusiasm as for standard consultancy work; so what’s the difference?  From a professional and skills base there isn’t any difference, but contract work tends to be longer term and “fixed” in terms of which days per week are worked.  Contract work also tends to be paid directly by an agency.  If you have a requirement for a Project Server contractor or consultant, please email Ben.

Finally, you don’t get to stay in business be good unless you do a good job, so here are a few comments from satisfied customers.

“Ben Howard and Applepark deliver top quality project server training to our partners in EMEA.  The expertise, standards of preparation, training delivery and the feedback we continue to recieve is continually high” – Kelly Berschauer – Microsoft EMEA

(note Ben ran Microsoft’s EPMU training in EMEA from 2003 onwards – it is now available on TechNet)

“The support that Ben Howard has given us over the last 18 months has been invaluable and extremely beneficial to our organisation” – Jim Buxton, MD, EWA

“Applepark have the technical, process and project management skills necessary to successfully deploy EPM solutions” – Stuart Rae, MD, Nviron Ltd

“Applepark are a prime example of an organisation that have the technical know how required to implement and troubleshoot Microsoft’s Project Server solution.  We had some specific database requirements that Applepark were able to resolve, and then 18 months later Applepark were brought in again to upgrade the database to the latest Microsoft offering.  On both occasions Applepark understood our requirements and worked hand in hand with us to provide a timely and successful solution” – PM, Oxford Semiconductor.

Microsoft case study – Ben implemented Project Server at Attenda, a Microsoft Gold Partner “With Office Project Server, we have revolutionised the way we do resource planning. We’ve gone from reactionary resource assignments to proactive forecasting.” – Tom Needs, Director of Client Services.  Read the full case study here Attenda case study