When is a day not a day? #Project #MSProject

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I’ve been meaning to write about Durations for a while, and was inspired to get a move on when I read fellow MVP and cousin Dales Howard’s blog on trusting the schedule.

During every training session and Project Online consultancy engagement I always talk about hours, minutes, days and calendars, starting times and . . . → Read More: When is a day not a day? #Project #MSProject


Editing Enterprise Calendars #ProjectOnline #ProjectClient #MicrosoftProject



Over the months and years I’ve seen a tonne of issues regarding the ability, or inability to edit Enterprise Calendars.  I started a blog about this a while ago http://www.applepark.co.uk/issues-with-multiple-project-server-accounts/ which provides some troubleshooting issues.  This blog is an update to that and I’ll try and keep it updated as I find out . . . → Read More: Editing Enterprise Calendars #ProjectOnline #ProjectClient #MicrosoftProject


Exporting tasks from Project into your Outlook calendar


This is something that in the past I have done manually, but due to a discussion on a Web2.0 application somewhere I had the idea that it would be possible to semi automate this.

<Update 8th October 2014 – this is now available as a fully fledged and supported add-in to Project – see . . . → Read More: Exporting tasks from Project into your Outlook calendar