Multiple Date Formats #Project

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If like me, you’re based in the UK and you deal with organisations based in Scandinavia  (and others of course) you cannot fail to notice that our Scandinavian colleagues tend to specify dates using the day (Monday = day 1, Tuesday = day 2 etc) of the week and week numbers . . . → Read More: Multiple Date Formats #Project


Predecessor Drop Down list #O365 #MSProject

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One of the nice things about the Project Online licence model is the occasional new feature which magically appears.  As of this morning when I was updated to the Version 1704 (April 2017 for those who like long names) I’m now able to use a drop-down list to select predecessors and successors in . . . → Read More: Predecessor Drop Down list #O365 #MSProject


Project 2016 (change 1) – Online status next to name

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In this series of blogs, I’m going to try list the differences between Project 2013 and Project 2016 – I’ll be comparing the Professional versions so if you’ve got the standard version then not every change will impact you.  Also, I’m not going to be concerned with UI changes (unless they are significant), . . . → Read More: Project 2016 (change 1) – Online status next to name