Project Master class – 2 days

Microsoft Project is the best tool for scheduling projects. However, it is not without its problems. Happily most problems with using Microsoft Project stem from a lack of knowledge of how Microsoft Project works, or just plain lack of scheduling.

If the Business case describes what will make a project successful and why it should go ahead, then schedules communicate the how, when, who and current progress of delivering a successful project. Good schedules are and essential part of good project governance and control. So, as a good project manager, you need to make maximum use of your main information tool: Microsoft project.

The Microsoft Project Master Class takes Project Users who know all the material in typical 2 day Project courses and have at least 6 months experience with using (or trying to use) the either MS Project or another  tool (eg MS Excel) (plenty of time to get into a wonderful mess and accumulate masses of questions) and answers all your questions. The course teaches:

  • How to solve common scheduling problems
  • You more productive using Microsoft Project for less effort
  • How to schedule Time critical projects
  • How to schedule Resource constrained projects
  • A Structure for your schedules that turns them into powerful communication tools
  • Assigning and editing Resources easy and accurate for little effort
  • Reporting on multiple projects
  • How to make Critical paths accurate, useful, meaningful and visible
  • How to slice and dice your project information in Microsoft Project in very productive and useful ways
  • Accurate and Easy ways to track your schedules
  • Introduction to Automated project reporting

On this course the more you know, the more you will learn from it.

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