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July 2017

PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THE MOMENT I AM NOT SUPPORTING NOR SELLING Project 2 Outlook – please expect some more information on this in the summer of 2017 (I have an alpha version running at the moment)

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Project 2 Outlook delivers the following benefits

  • Export Project Tasks to an Outlook Calendar
  • Export Project Tasks as Meeting Requests using email
  • Project task selection based upon resource names (using a filter) or flags
  • Synchronise Project tasks to your mobile device
  • View all of your work in one place
  • Effectively communicate with your team

About Project 2 Outlook

Project to Outlook (P2O) is an application that allows you to export a selection of tasks directly from Project into an Outlook calendar, as either calendar items, tasks or meeting requests.  It helps ensure that Project Managers and Stakeholders are aligned on Projects.

Effective communications and an understanding of what each user should be doing and when is an absolute requirement for delivering a project on time.  Project 2 Outlook enables this communication by allowing you to export tasks to Outlook, either as calendar items, tasks or as meeting requests.  As Project 2 Outlook utilises the standard functionality of Outlook, any calendar can be shared with other users, enabling you to create and share resource calendars with specific resources or groups of resources.


How does Project 2 Outlook work?

Review this blog post to review how to use Project 2 Outlook, or just watch the video below.



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P2O Installation

P2O – Basic Project Task Export to Outlook