“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance” – Peter Drucker.

Ben has been privaledged to work at both IBM and Microsoft in his time, and both organisations really knew the value of training, but more importantly, the right type of training.  It was IBM who 1st introduced Ben to the quote above, and it’s a mantra he’s lived his life by ever since, he takes two weeks out each year for his own training schedule (check out the list of Ben’s MS Exams).

When it comes to project management and the use of a tool (eg MS Project), training is, a total necessity.  During implementations Ben has come across many many people with the title Project Manager who haven’t had a days project management training in their life, nor have they had an training in using any sort of tool – is it any wonder that many PMs feel unsupported?

Ben started training when Microsoft asked him to deliver the Enterprise Project Management University (EPMU) training for Project Server 2003 in EMEA, (10 different airports in one month!), and then he ran several sets of EPMU 2007 training, both onsite (another set of airports and hotels), and then finally, online.  Since then he’s been contracted by Microsoft UK to upskill partners with Project Server 2010 training and “exam cram” sessions – with 100% pass rate.  Ben is now an associate of IIL and teaches their courses too.

In order to provide help here, Ben always mandates training as part of any Project Server implementation that he does.

Ben runs the following training courses, either on-site or on-line.

Additionally, if you would prefer to take Microsoft’s official course, then please email Ben and he will work with a MPLS (Microsoft Partner Learning Specialist – an organisation that is licenced to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum) in order to set this up for you.